Forces, Fun and Flight

Take off with Port Discover’s aviation exhibit that features a flight simulator, the popular Bernoulli Blower, and our new Bernoulli Blowout basketball game! Our hands on exhibit explores the fantastic world of flight and understanding the science and forces that make flight possible.


From Sea to Sink

Come explore the world of water, our awesome interactive water table is endless fun and learning about hydrodynamics!

The Natural World

Come learn more about our natural world.

Lights, Laughs, and Lift Off Play Area

Our new and improved play area is hands-on fun. Enjoy our giant light bright and light table, role play and get cleared for landing in our air traffic control tower, or explore building with translucent magnetic blocks on our light table. Complete with a reading nook and sensory table. 

The Discovery Zone Classroom!

Come experience even more hands-on science and learning in our discovery zone classroom. Come test gears on our magnetic table, experiment at our sink or float station, or create masterpieces in our art center where you can even create your own wall mural. In the classroom we also offer a study table where you can do homework or read up on your favorite science topic with books from our mini library.

Check back for scheduled printing classes where you can watch and learn about 3-D Printers!

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