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Art Class

Preschool programs are structured in one hour intervals with curriculum appropriate for children ages 3-5. All programs have been developed to meet the following NSTA scientific competencies, in addition to, fostering language, literacy, creative arts, and social and physical health development skills:

  • Scientific Skills and Methods

  • Use of senses, tools and/or measuring devices to gather information and observe relationships

  • Develops ability to observe and discuss common properties, differences and comparisons among objects

  • Participate in simple investigations to draw conclusions and generalizations

  • Describe and discuss predictions, explanations based on past experiences

  • Scientific Knowledge

  • Expand knowledge of and abilities to observe the natural world and natural processes

  • Expand knowledge and respect for their body and environment

  • Increased awareness and beginning understanding of changes in materials and cause-effect relationships

The following programs are available by request. A two-week notice is suggested for scheduling purposes. Groups wishing to visit the center will be charged $5.00 per child. Groups requesting an educator to come on-site to the childcare facility will be charged a $60.00 registration fee and $2.00 per child. Please call 252-338-6117 or send email requests to to schedule your visit.

Mix-It Up:

Discover all about liquids, solids, gases, solutions and mixtures. Children will learn why measurements are important in science as they put these skills into practice while making bath salts or play-dough.

Can You Hear Me:

Learn all about sound and how it travels. Young scientists will be challenged to identify unknown sounds. Participants will make their own sound phones.

How Does Your Garden Grow:

Explore the world of plants, from roots to flowers. Children will make individual flower or vegetable starter pots.

All About Insects:

It’s a buggy world out there. Learn about the characteristics of insects and even examine some up close. Participants will make their own ant models.

Hue Knew:

Children are fascinated with the world of colors and the astounding fact that they can be made for three primary colors. In this program children will explore the primary colors and make secondary colors. Children will be given crystals that convert their color creations not crystals.

What’s In Me:

Find out what is inside your body that makes it work every day. From muscles to bones and organs, it all adds up to make a perfect you! Each participant will construct a life-size paper replica of themselves complete with vital organs.

Cool Critters:

Have you ever noticed the little guys around you outside? Come in to examine some living creatures and learn about how they survive in the wild. Participants will create their own critter out of clay and build a camouflaged habitat.

Food Chain Fun:

Learn about terrestrial and aquatic food chains that exist all around us. Participants will create a model of a terrestrial food chain.

Port Discover: Northeastern North Carolina's Center for Hands-On Science

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