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Field Trips and Outreach

Would you like to learn more about

field trips and outreach programs with Port Discover?

Please email our Programs Coordinator

Kelly at

Art Class

This is a collaborative program between Port Discover, Museum of the Albemarle and Arts of the Albemarle. Students rotate between each facility, engaging in the educational programs that feature (H.A.S.) History, Arts and Science. Programs can be tailored for different age groups.

This program is great for larger groups of children!

Contact the MOA Museum Educator,

Lori Meads (252) 331-4054 for more information.

H.A.S. it! Tour Field Trips

Balanced Objects

Regional STEM Lab


What are some new programs upstairs in the STEM Lab that we should keep a lookout for?


Coding Programs- Unleashing the Power of Technology

One of the STEM Lab's programming highlights is its seasonal Coding Club along with a week-long coding camp where aspiring young programmers can delve into the exciting world of computer science. Participants will learn the fundamentals of coding while unleashing their creativity to develop codes through VEX IQ bots.

STEM Cafe- Where STEM Meets Socialization

Designed specifically for teens and preteens in middle and high school, this recurring event every fourth Friday, offers a unique blend of STEM exploration and socialization while munching on some delicious pizza! From engaging discussions on current scientific topics to interactive demonstrations and DIY experiments, STEM Cafe provides a vibrant space where young adults can connect with peers and professionals who share their passion for STEM. 

Innovative Educational Programming- Central to the STEM Lab's mission is its commitment to providing engaging and educational programming for small and large groups. From scouts to school groups, the lab offers diverse lessons designed to captivate and inspire creativity. Through interactive demonstrations and guided experiments, students explore the wonders of science and develop critical thinking skills that will serve them in the future. 

Seasonal Adult Programming- Cultivating Lifelong Learning

While Port Discover's STEM Lab primarily caters to children and teens, the center also recognizes the importance of engaging adults in STEAM. In line with this vision, Port Discover offers seasonal adult programming to cultivate lifelong learning.

More to Come- Port Discover will be undergoing a considerable transformation downstairs this year. While that will occur, we hope to add more activities, including astronomy nights, conservation programs, 3D printing, culinary, finance, arts, and drone programming. Find us on Facebook, Instagram and now SnapChat!

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