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Open the door to Port Discover and you’ll find kids and families engaged in the fun of science! Whether it’s taking off in a flight simulator, racing boats down the water table, or participating in one of our awesome community projects, Port Discover provides educational and entertaining science activities for all. Check out what’s waiting for you!





Take off with Port Discover’s aviation exhibit which features a flight simulator, Bernoulli Blower, and a Bernoulli Blowout basketball game! This hands-on exhibit explores the science and forces that make the wonderful world of flight possible.


Come learn about our natural world, waterways, and hydrodynamics! This interactive exhibit features a water table and hands-on activities for endless fun!


Discover Zone

Come explore a construction zone, market, kitchen and more - where imagination and interactive activities introduce young visitors to healthy nutrition, math concepts and engineering. 


Discover Classroom

Check our Calendar of Events for scheduled hands-on S.T.E.M programming - or just come to explore or grab a Science-to-Go bag!

Port Discover: Northeastern North Carolina's Center for Hands-On Science

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