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Meet-up &
Small Groups

We love groups to meet-up at Port Discover!

  • Small groups paying individually (up to 15 children) can visit Port Discover during normal operating hours Wednesday or Friday.

    • $5 (+tax) per child ages 1-17.

    • Fee includes admission to the center.

  • Private groups of 10 to 20 children can reserve exploration time in the center on Monday or Tuesday from 9am - 3pm.

    • $5 (+tax) per child ages 1-17 (min. $50)

    • You may add an extra 30 minutes to your experience for $2.50 per child.

    • Teachers or group leaders are responsible for collecting payment (with 7% tax) if event is self paid.

    • Please confirm the number of children one week in advance. An invoice will be emailed.

    • Pay in full at least one business day prior.

Email to check for availability and to reserve your group's spot!

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